Free Speech Forum at Roma’s

There’s so much going on in the world and in everyone’s lives, yet not enough places for real discussions about it all. If you have been looking for that melting pot of mental stimulation, then you have found it.

Every Saturday evening at 6:00pm, free thinkers gather to share news, ideas, opinions and pizza at Roma’s Italian Restaurant on Greenville Avenue. Everyone has something to say and a good conversation thrives on a well-nourished mind and body, which makes Roma’s the perfect place to share.

To keep the discussions interesting there will be a wide range of Guest Speakers to help prompt spirited question and answer sessions, as well as pros and cons discussions as you see fit. With plenty of room for remarks and rebuttals to keep the dynamics of the discussions evolving. These and all other forms of deliberation will join together to create a stimulating environment for people who like to think!

All meetings are open to the public. Don’t be afraid to join in on the animated deliberations. Although if you would like to come and just listen to the conversations, you are more than welcome to do that as well. Remember the more minds that contribute, the more interesting the discussions get. Which is why to keep things moving, speakers have a 5-minute time limit. But, of course, there is no limit to creativity, food, fun and laughter.

Hot Topics, Cold Beer and Jimmy’s Italian Cuisine are the pioneers of the night.

Guests can look forward to a vivacious evening built around Jimmy’s custom cooked Italian classics including spaghetti, pizza, lasagna, dessert and more! Nothing gets your stomachs attention like an evening of mental stimulation surrounded by the smells of well cooked food.

For the adults Beer and wine pair nicely with the array of cuisine, plus soft drinks for the kids.  These rounds out a full menu designed to satisfy both children and adults with a variety of amazing tastes.

Young new Italian food lovers, experienced aficionados and your out of town guests will all find things to love at Roma’s Italian Restaurant.

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