Celebrate Graduation at Roma’s

Roma’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant is ready to celebrate.

It’s the end of the school year again and for a lot of people that means one amazing thing: Graduation! Whether the graduate is concluding their high school life, summing up their undergraduate days or finishing their graduate years there is definitely a reason to commemorate their accomplishments. Every celebration needs food and Roma’s is just what loved ones and supporters want during a party.

Already have a venue set and people coming but missing the meal that everyone will converse around? Carryout or delivery, whichever you prefer, Roma’s caters. The half tray will cater to approximately 8 guests while the full will cater to approximately 16. Roma’s makes catering easy for you. All trays are ready to serve and include napkins, plates along with serving and eating utensils. Order online

Rather have your get together at a familiar place that isn’t going to leave your home a mess? Roma’s party rooms are available and waiting to be occupied. There are multiple private event spaces of varying sizes to accommodate parties of any size. Private rooms hold approximately 30 people whereas semiprivate rooms hold up to 70 people. So bring your party to Roma’s and enjoy all you favorites at your favorite place. We will help celebrate the great achievements your graduates have accomplished.

Roma’s has been serving Dallas their favorite family recipes for years and we can’t wait to serve you to. If its catering your graduates party, make sure to call at (214)373-0500 or go online and order. If you have decided to celebrate your graduates accomplishment in one of Roma’s party rooms then you can call us at the number above to RSVP the room.

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