Celebrate Graduation at Roma’s

Roma’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant is ready to celebrate.

It’s the end of the school year again and for a lot of people that means one amazing thing: Graduation! Whether the graduate is concluding their high school life, summing up their undergraduate days or finishing their graduate years there is definitely a reason to commemorate their accomplishments. Every celebration needs food and Roma’s is just what loved ones and supporters want during a party.

Already have a venue set and people coming but missing the meal that everyone will converse around? Carryout or delivery, whichever you prefer, Roma’s caters. The half tray will cater to approximately 8 guests while the full will cater to approximately 16. Roma’s makes catering easy for you. All trays are ready to serve and include napkins, plates along with serving and eating utensils. Order online

Rather have your get together at a familiar place that isn’t going to leave your home a mess? Roma’s party rooms are available and waiting to be occupied. There are multiple private event spaces of varying sizes to accommodate parties of any size. Private rooms hold approximately 30 people whereas semiprivate rooms hold up to 70 people. So bring your party to Roma’s and enjoy all you favorites at your favorite place. We will help celebrate the great achievements your graduates have accomplished.

Roma’s has been serving Dallas their favorite family recipes for years and we can’t wait to serve you to. If its catering your graduates party, make sure to call at (214)373-0500 or go online and order. If you have decided to celebrate your graduates accomplishment in one of Roma’s party rooms then you can call us at the number above to RSVP the room.

Mother’s Day at Roma’s

Roma’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant is calling all mothers!

May is the month of celebrations and just around the corner is the day to celebrate some of the most important people in our lives.

That’s right, its Mothers day!

And on Mother’s day whether you’re commemorating new moms, fosters moms, step moms or grandmas for all their love and support throughout your lives, Roma’s is here to help you celebrate. Mothers day is a day to recognize maternal figures and appreciate their love and commitment is the lives of each and every family member. Moms are the glue to families and the guide for all their children.

Roma’s admires moms and all they do. So for Mother’s day bring your mom and the rest of your family to Roma’s to praise moms for being moms. Roma’s family recipes are ready to be served and enjoyed by your family on this day of festivities.

Whether it’s just you on a date with mom, maybe a few family members out with her or the whole family here to party, Roma’s is ready for celebrations of all sizes. If needed, private rooms are available via RSVP for bigger celebrations whereas the regular restaurant space and the patio area are available for one on ones and small groups. Roma’s is here to make this day for moms as special as you want it.

Come in and enjoy Roma’s hand tossed or signature pizza, homemade pasta or fantastic subs. And if great food, great service and no clean up isn’t enough then to make your evening even more superb, Roma’s is going to celebrate Mothers day by giving moms free dessert with their meal.

That’s right free dessert!

Food, family and free dessert is how Roma’s wants to spend Mother’s day. Come on in and spend it with us.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Roma’s

Love is filling the air and we all know what that means.

Do you have something special planned for the 14th?  If not, we have got you covered. Everyone knows that on Valentine’s day there is only a handful of things you want and Roma’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant is definitely on that list. RSVP for a romantic dinner for two. What is more romantic than delicious traditional Italian food, enjoyed with the person you love the most? Maybe a mini cannoli, tiramisu or one of our other classic desserts you can share afterwards.

If the Lady and the Tramp dinner style is not your thing, then reserve a table for you and your friends. Whether your boycotting relationships or simply prefer the love shared between friends, Roma’s is here serve your favorite pizzas, subs, soups and salads.

If your day of love is going to revolve around your family whether its big or small

Call and reserve a table so, we can share our love of Italian food with the people who love you. We have been dedicated to serving Dallas our family recipes for years, filling the hearts and stomachs of everyone who has walked through our doors. Whether you come in for filling lunch, so you can spend all night with your loved ones or you spend a love filled day with them and end it with Roma’s fine Italian cuisine, it does not matter to us.

Our hand crafted cuisine will fill you up and leave happier than ever. Remember the best way to the heart is through the stomach and with food like Chicken Parmigiana, Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo, Baked Ziti and Lasagna you can go wrong with a meal at Roma’s.

Spread the love and reserve a table to enjoy a beautiful meal on Valentine’s day.

Roma’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant

7033 Greenville Ave. 75231

214 373 0500